Budget & Treasury

Mr. B.Benxa : Chief Financial Officer

  1. Department overview
    • The departments provides the strategic support, advisory support to all business functions within Nyandeni Local Municipality.
  2. Functions of the department
    • Effective management of the finances,
    • Effective billing and revenue collection,
    • Effective maintenance of expenditure controls,
    • Ensure that the assets and liabilities of the municipality are properly managed and
    • Ensure that procurement of goods and services in performed within the SCM policy
  3. Units of the department and its functions
    • Revenue and Property valuation
      • Monthly billing of debtors, collections and banking,
      • Implement   provisions of the credit control policy,
      • Attend to consumer queries and
      • Manage property valuation
    • Expenditure Management
      • Payments to creditors including salaries and other statutory payments, and
      • Stock, inventory and investment management
    • Asset & Liability Management
      • Maintain of the asset register and effecting controls
    • Supply Chain Management
      • Procurement, issuing tenders, quotations and specifications
    • Budget Control and Treasury Reporting
      • Monthly accounting update and reconciliation,
      • Budget monitoring, control and reporting and
      • Draw annual financial statements and national treasury reports