Planning & Development

Mr. G.N Cekwana : Senior Manager Planning and Development

Departmental Overview:

Established during the 2005/2006 financial year, Planning and Development Department was meant to look at the critical areas of development within the Municipality.

Planning and Development Department is one of those Departments mandated to change the image of this Municipality and ensuring that it delivers on the targets encapsulated in the Integrated Development Plan and SDBIP and ensures that proper municipal planning does take place.

The Department has got three sections, namely;

  1. Local Economic Development (LED)
  2. Human Settlements, and
  3. Spatial Planning

One of key objectives of Local Economic Development is to promote and develop the local economy of Nyandeni thereby creating conditions that will allow economic growth to take place. Local economy grows significantly if there is an integrated approach to local economic development and this approach is premised on institutional collaboration and strengthening intergovernmental relations.

The Human Settlements’ primary function is to address the housing challenges and backlog within the Municipality through coordinating and facilitating housing development in both urban centers of Libode and Ngqeleni and in the rural areas. Through this section, the Municipality sources funds from the Provincial Department of Human Settlements for housing development.

The third section, Town, Regional and Spatial Planning focuses mainly on the planning of the towns. It looks at areas of subdivision, land alienation, rezoning, development and implementation of Spatial Development Framework (SDF) and Land Use Management Scheme and many other related issues. This section also focuses on forward and spatial planning.

All the three Sections have Line Managers that report directly to the Senior Manager.